Jim Root For Sheriff



Adam Brown - State Representative (Ret)
We’re calling on Jim for our county’s highest law enforcement position. You can bet his tenure will continue to be one of honor and selfless service to our community. I support Jim Root for Macon County Sheriff.

Sgt. Kris Thompson
I have worked for the Macon County Sheriff's Office for twelve years in several different assignments and capacities. I have worked for many different command officers, including Jim Root. I believe in his management style and in his leadership abilities. I know him personally and professionally and know his integrity is unmatched. I believe in his vision for the future of the department and fully support him for Sheriff of Macon County.

Chief J. Steven Gambrill Harristown FPD MA 144
I am proud to show my support for Jim Root in his candidacy for Macon County Sheriff. I have know Jim personally and professionally for a majority of his 20 plus year career. During the time I have known him I have observed in him qualities that I believe the people of Macon County would desire in their Sheriff. His demonstration of integrity, intelligence, fairness and dedication to the job I feel makes him the best choice to hold the office of Macon County Sheriff.

Sergeant Michael Hawkins
For twenty years, I have worked for Macon County Sheriff's Office along side Jim Root. During that time, I found Jim to be honest, reliable, and task oriented. These traits have proven to be important while serving together on the "Special Response Team." I believe that these same qualities are essential for strong leadership. This is why, I support and endorse Jim Root for Macon County Sheriff.

George Harris, MSO Detective (Retired)
During my time with the Sheriff's Office, I worked with and for Jim Root. His no nonsense approach is what the Sheriff's Office needs. He understands that a well-trained, equipped and educated department benefits not only the employees, but the people they serve. I know Jim is capable of doing so while maintaining a balanced budget. He is fair, honest and has the knowledge and vision needed in today's law enforcement. Jim will get the job done without all the fanfare. I support Jim Root for Macon County Sheriff.

Lieutenant Jamie Belcher
I have been approached by several citizens and community leaders of Macon County that have asked me to run for the office of Sheriff. While I appreciate their confidence in me, I am not the best person to hold the position at this time because a leader has emerged that I can learn from to better my chances in the future. Since the day I decided to become a police officer, I knew it would be with the Sheriff's Office. Over my 21 years at the Sheriff's Office, I have been taught many things by exceptional leaders. One of those is knowing when to take charge and when to step back and allow someone to lead the situation at hand. I believe that Jim Root is that leader moving forward. I respectfully request everyone that encouraged me to run for office will join me in supporting Jim Root for Macon County Sheriff!

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