Jim Root For Sheriff



Adam Brown - State Representative (Ret)
We’re calling on Jim for our county’s highest law enforcement position. You can bet his tenure will continue to be one of honor and selfless service to our community. I support Jim Root for Macon County Sheriff.

Chief J. Steven Gambrill Harristown FPD MA 144
I am proud to show my support for Jim Root in his candidacy for Macon County Sheriff. I have know Jim personally and professionally for a majority of his 20 plus year career. During the time I have known him I have observed in him qualities that I believe the people of Macon County would desire in their Sheriff. His demonstration of integrity, intelligence, fairness and dedication to the job I feel makes him the best choice to hold the office of Macon County Sheriff.

Kris Thompson - 14 years Law Enforcement
I have known and worked with Jim Root for almost 14 years. I was one of several people who encouraged him to run for Sheriff. I did not encourage him because he was the best option, I encouraged him because he is the only qualified candidate on the ballot in this upcoming General election. Jim is the kind of man who does the right thing, even when no one is looking. Jim is the kind of man who does the right thing, even when it isn’t popular. Jim has leadership experience, not only by title, but by merit and action. Some say Jim isn’t as well “known” as the other candidate. The reason for this is Jim has spent his entire career working hard to execute the agenda of the Sheriff. Jim has sent numerous dangerous criminals to prison. Jim has actually led Deputies as a Patrol Sergeant, Jim has been preparing, preventing and planning for natural disasters and active shooter events for all of Macon County. Jim knows how and has actually managed a budget. Jim may be less known because he’s not a handshaking bureaucrat. He is however, the Sheriff Macon County needs. Jim’s integrity and morals are unmatched. Not only will I be voting for him, but I will be telling everyone I know and asking everyone I don’t know to vote for Jim Root on November 6.

Doug Taylor – Law Enforcement (Decatur Police Lieutenant - Retired)
During my nearly 29 years in Law Enforcement, I have had the opportunity to interact and work with Jim Root in a variety of ways. Whether it was in his role as a Narcotics Officer, Command Officer, or in his current position as the Macon County Emergency Management Coordinator, Jim has demonstrated his willingness to work with various community partners from both the public and private sectors to ensure public safety.

Jim is a dedicated professional that is sincerely focused on law enforcement issues that affect the Macon County Community which he has served for the past 20 plus years. During Jim’s career, I have observed his steadfast leadership through his planning and response training for a variety of natural and/or man-made disasters. One such draft example can be seen here: Redacted Macon County Mitigation.

In his role as a Narcotics Officer, and as a Special Response Team Member (SRT), Jim has had to make tough and timely decisions. These choices not only affected the outcome of the investigation and/or event, but the safety of those involved. Jim is not flashy or looking for the limelight, but has an exceptionally strong work ethic and gets things done with integrity. I believe Jim Root is the best overall candidate, and I support him to become the next Macon County Sheriff.

Michael Hawkins
For twenty one years, I have worked in law enforcement alongside Jim Root. During that time, I found Jim to be honest, reliable, and task oriented. These traits have proven to be important while serving together on special assignments. These same qualities are essential for strong leadership, which is what Macon County needs. This is why I support and endorse Jim Root for Macon County Sheriff.

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